Chimney Repair in Jacksonville FL


chimney-repair-jacksonville-fl-1If you’re looking for chimney repair in Jacksonville FL, Construction Solutions is the place to call.  Heavy rain and strong winds can destroy chimney caps and chimney flashing causing further damage to your home.

If you’ve experienced chimney damage with recent storms wreaking havoc in the Jacksonville FL area, contact us today at (904) 440-0280.   Don’t delay in putting off your chimney repairs!

Our experienced technicians at Construction Solutions will inspect your chimney and provide an assessment to the extent of damage received from storm winds and rain.

chimney-caps-jacksonville-flChimney Caps

Adding a cap is one of the least expensive chimney repairs you’ll ever make and is essential to home owners because it keeps the rain water out, prevents house fires, and unwanted animal invasion.  Chimney caps come with a mesh screen and is designed to create proper air flow to avoid toxic gasses from venting outside the home.  Contact us today to eliminate costly home repairs by repairing or replacing damaged chimney caps.

Chimney Chase Pans

chimney-chase-pans-jacksonville-fl-chimney-repairIs your chimney chase pan damaged by storm winds or excessive rain water?  Chimney chase pans, also referred to as chase covers or top pans, are on top of the chimney to seal the flue system.  Without a chimney chase pan, water can enter the home as well as birds and other animals through the chimney.  It’s very important the chimney chase pans are installed properly so rain water runs off the cover to prevent rusting. At Construction Solutions, our chimney repair service technicians will make sure your new chimney chase pan fits perfectly and is made to last with quality material.

Contact Construction Solutions for chimney repair today (904) 440-0280!  Extreme weather conditions cause damage to various parts of a chimney and it’s important for home owners to ensure their chimney is in good shape to prevent widespread damage to other parts of their home.

If your chimney is leaking, you have come to the right place!
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